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The fully automatic high-performance scanner with open articulator interface

The new Ceramill Map 600 high-performance scanner from the DNA generation offers intelligence, efficiency and maximum precision. The scanner features an integrated universal carrier plate for all common types of articulator, which saves time-consuming plate changes. Due to Splitex integration, all the accessory components of the Map portfolio can be used. The intelligent scan height control automatically moves the object to be scanned into the best possible scan area, thus offering the user increased process reliability, maximum convenience and protection against incorrect use. The new drive technology with an automatic Z-axis ensures ultra-precise and fast travel movement. The highly sensitive industrial 3D sensor with Blue Light technology ensures outstanding depth of field and a scanning accuracy of 4μm. The Ceramill Map 600 generates open STL or PLY data.

At a glance

  • Integrated, universal fixator for all common types of articulators ensures maximum flexibility
  • Intelligent scan height control for optimum model alignment in the scan field offers the highest possible process reliability
  • HD scan via 3D sensor with blue light technology and variable resolution guarantees optimal and reproducible results
  • DNA Speed Scanning enables a full jaw scan with unrestrictedly usable results in only 18 seconds

Articulator Scan

To utilize the advantages of the virtual articulator, a 1:1 conversion of the model situation is required from the real articulator into a data set. The Ceramill Map 600 enables scanning articulated models directly in the articulator without prior transfer to a transfer station. During the scanning process, the model is transferred from the actual articulator to the software while retaining the axis relation. A wide variety of articulator types can be positioned and precisely scanned without any additional accessories on the integrated multifunctional support plate. This offers the user maximum convenience and speed.

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