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Ceramill APS – Ceramill advanced
prosthetics solution

The digitization of dental restorative workflows still drives the change in the dental lab business tremendously. As crowns and bridges are already fully digital for a vast majority of the industry, it becomes more and more crucial, that labs extend their digital workflows to more complex restorations like full arch implant cases or full dentures. Since the beginning, Amann Girrbach has been a pioneer of the digital in-house movement and with the “Ceramill Advanced Prostethics Program” AG rockets digital dental workflows to the next level. Right now the Ceramill Advanced Prosthetics Program covers three super-indications which are fully integrated in the Amann Girrbach CAD/CAM-System and provide customers with a smooth, easy and reliable workflow.
Fixed Implant Dentures - REAX
Removable Full Dentures
Removable Partial Dentures

Fixed Implant Dentures - REAX

Reliable, fast, digital and easy to fabricate screw-retained implant-supported bridge with gingiva section.

The combination of efficient software modules and innovative materials is uniquely special within this Ceramill workflow. With the software module Ceramill Mindforms, which offers a cutback and soon-to-come thimble library, and the highly translucent zirconia Zolid HT+, these kinds of restorations can be realized mostly monolithical and yet highly esthetical. Due to the high light permeability of the material, the structures radiate the vitality of natural tooth substance. Optimized milling strategies additionally enable an even more delicate margin design, offering exceptional edge stability at the same time.

Hybrid implant bridges

REAX Hybrid creates the option of providing new design and manufacturing variants for implant prostheses within our coordinated digital workflow.

The frame can thus be fabricated from Zolid HT+, Ceramill Sintron as well as the specially developed high-performance polymer Ceramill PEEK by Juvora, which is characterized by improved wearing comfort for the patient.

The individual requirements of the crowns on the frame, be it in zirconium, high-performance acrylics, hybrid or glass-ceramics with regard to esthetics, therapeutic bite elevation and the ability to be repaired, are therefore unlimited.

Removable Full Dentures

Three different design methods for digital full dentures – precise, esthetical and according to different demands.

Thanks to the integration of denture teeth concepts and libraries of renowned manufacturers of Kulzer, VITA and Merz Dental, same as the complete workflow integration of VITA VIONIC and the Baltic Denture System (BDS) into the Ceramill Full Denture System, laboratories have the most comprehensive range for digital full dentures at hand – according to their needs. From maximum individuality to maximum efficiency.

Digital fabrication of single jaw dentures – coming soon

A notable novelty is the fabrication of full dentures for single jaws with residual teeth in the opposing jaw. As a result of the new software and fabrication solutions, ready-made teeth can not only be adapted basally but also occlusally to the antagonist – all in an automatic, digital workflow.

Removable Partial Dentures

Design of customized, metal-free digital partial denture frameworks with innovative materials & software modules.

This revolution is based on two elements. One is the millable high-performance polymer Ultaire® AKP from Solvay Dental 360®, which was specifically designed as a metal replacement for partial dentures. Amann Girrbach is the first and so far only validated dental system partner of Solvay Dental 360®. The other is the Ceramill M-Part software module developed by Amann Girrbach for Ceramill Mind. This gives Ceramill users the exclusive opportunity to consistently create partial denture designs in a digital workflow, and in record time.

100% digital removable partial dentures – coming soon

Soon it will be possible to design and fabricate 100% digital partial dentures in our Ceramill workflow. With the possibility of fabricating the resin saddle in pink resin and the individual teeth in the final tooth material, a partial denture can be fabricated completely digitally without requiring any conventional effort.

Ceramill M-Smile – software module for esthetic planning

In conjunction with the newly integrated Ceramill M-Smile software module for esthetic planning based on patient photos, it is already possible to take into account the facial proportions and the positional relationship between teeth, gums, lips and cheeks when designing individual restorations.