Model Management

Uniquely precise
& flawless


Natural expansion

The fitting accuracy of dental prostheses is largely dependent on the precision of the models. Yet this is the very area in which the natural expansion of the plaster constitutes the greatest source of error. The effects of plaster expansion are evident in the patient’s mouth in problems with the fit of prosthetic work, such as tension areas. Giroform outsmarts the plaster expansion of the jaw segment, thus providing a true model of the patient’s mouth. The Giroform System provides dental technology with a perfect and high-precision model making system on the market. By employing standardized and optimized procedures Giroform guarantees permanent and reproducible quality.

At a glance

  • Provides comprehensive adjustment possibilities to reproduce the patient’s clearance and movement dynamics
  • Fully adjustable Artex Carbon articulator offering the additional functions
  • Due to its Lightweight, stable and ergonomic Design and its precision, the articulator facilitates and accelerates work on the model
  • Modular design and focused on features that are really necessary

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World’s leading articulators – trusted by dental professionals since 1978

Produced by the dental technician in an articulator, a dental prosthesis must function without a problem for the patient. An articulator is a great way to emulate the patient‘s movements, saving the dentist chairside time and the patient quite a bit of pain. The reproducible centric relation ensures safe starting and end positions of every jaw movement. The Artex articulator can discover, check and remove any defects smaller than 20 µm.

Produced locally, appreciated globally

"Professional function diagnosis needs appropriate instruments. And for my patients I only use the best instruments."
Priv.-Doz. Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers
CMD-Centrum Hamburg-Eppendorf
"Everything is easy to use, and not fiddly and awkward like other systems I've used. I've been using Artex for 20 years or so, and the articulators have proven to be way more robust and sturdy than the previous type I used."
Andrew Cautley
Nelson Prosthodontics
New Zealand
"This instrument is a beautiful piece of engineering that is as stunning to look at as it is hard-working. It possesses robust precision control for complex cases AND is also ergonomic and humble enough for conventional dentures."
Miles Cone, DMD
Nuance Dental Specialists
"I'm using the Artex articulator for over 25 years now. It was developed by technicians for technicians and it combines all the features you really need in modern dental technology."
Detlef Baum MDT
Dental Aesthetics Nelson Ltd
New Zealand
"I love the finish of the Artex products. They are precise and beautiful units. These are great pieces of technical engineering that help me in everyday practice."
Dr. Markijan Hupalo
Sydney Prosthodontics
"My customers appreciate the easy handling of the articulator. Additionally is the alignment of the analogue & digital process chain flawless – including the materials."
Stefan Schunke, MDT
Zahntechnisches Laboratorium
Stefan Schunke GmbH
"Artex is my secret weapon for aesthetically and functionally perfect restorative results."
Alexander Wünsche, CDT

Fabricate precision models easily and quickly

The pin drill allows precise, fast and safe determination of the desired drill position. Drilling starts at the press of a button. The plate holder is fastened magnetically, securing the drill position. In order to guarantee pin friction, identical, smoothfaced and regular holes are drilled into the giroform base plate. The precise drill guide also enables uniform drilling depth. These specific characteristics of the Giroform pin drill guarantee precise, fast and cost-effective model manufacture.

  • Laser beam for easy drill positioning
  • Plate holder smoothly adjustable thus ensuring safe and fast operation
  • Plate holder is secured magnetically and automatically when drilling starts
  • Automatic drill advance guarantees identical boreholes in the plates (0.5 seconds per drill cycle)

Key for the perfect fit - eliminate plaster expansion

The patient’s original mouth position
The tooth arch following plaster expansion
By superimposing the original and the expanded tooth arch, the deviation is clearly shown


How does Giroform solve this challenge?

The pin positions are chosen taking this cast into account. By drilling the pin-holes, there is secure and immovable patient-analogous transfer to the dimensionally-stable Giroform Plate. The pin-holes ensure that the positional information is now stored. The Giroform Base Plate serves as a kind of memory
The cast plaster tooth arch is removed from the base plate after 30 minutes – i.e. before the onset of plaster expansion. This allows the tooth arch to expand freely. However, after this it no longer matches the drilled original information on the Giroform Plate.
After sawing or separating the tooth arch, the pins again fit into the drill-holes. The cut section serves as an expansion joint to accommodate the expansion, which is now restricted to just the individual segments, thus no longer causing distortion of the tooth arch. The segmented model therefore offers a precision basis for perfectly-fitting work.

Plaster cannot be sifted
more efficiently

Weighing and mixing plaster and water by hand is too imprecise and time-consuming by the high standards of the dental laboratory. Aside from ensuring a consistent high degree of dosage precision, the Smartbox is easy to operate and pays for itself within a few months. Using the new dosage technology, the plaster is sprinkled very finely into the mixing beaker, which noticeably increases the homogeneity of the mixture.


  • Time, material and plaster savings of 20 to 25%
  • Multifunctional turn/ push button for simple and quick programming and programme selection
  • Reproducible mixing ratio at the push of a button, accurate to within a gram
  • Integrated scales automatically measure the dosage or for manual weighing

Perfect mixture results thanks to patented mixing blade geometry and amazingly simple operating concept

The universal and futureproof vacuum-mixing machine with the amazingly simple operating concept. When processing homogenous plaster, investment material or paste silicon and impression material, the Smartmix vacuum-mixing machine is an indispensable and productive piece of equipment.
  • Multi-functional dial / button for quick and easy programme selection and programming
  • Homogeneous and consistent, reproducible mixtures with optimum parameters
  • Quick access to all mixing parameter: Mixing duration, speed, direction of rotation, interval times, pre-mixing, pre-vacuum, post-vacuum and program name
  • Space saving, can be used as a free-standing or wall unit