#PrimeTime Machine

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The Ceramill Matik marks the dawn of a new era in inhouse fabrication. As an intelligent production solution, it clearly sets itself apart from conventional milling machines with blank changers. The fully integrated fabrication unit offers the laboratory the possibility to design its workflow independently and flexibly. It dramatically reduces the effort and complexity of material and tool management. Automatic maintenance, cleaning as well as changing the operating modes save time and help the technician to focus on the essentials - the dental work itself.


  • Automatic material and tool feed
  • DNA performance processing: carving, thrilling, speed milling
  • Automatic maintenance and cleaning
  • Fully automatic tool and material management


  • Highest performance and maximum diversity of materials and indications at the lowest possible investment sum
  • Cost savings due to controlled tool wear
  • No additional investment and outsourced costs


  • Short set-up times due to high material capacity
  • Manual cleaning not required
  • Autonomous wet/dry change
  • Flexible job management even during ongoing operation
  • Autonomous multi-shift operation possible without requiring manual intervention


Supply Chain Unit
Maximum time savings in resource management through automatic management of tools and materials
Production Unit
Full range of applications due to maximum indication and material portfolio
Automation Unit
Highest possible convenience due to autonomous wet and dry change and automatic cleaning

Integrated Blank Tank = Integrated Material Management

The Ceramill Matik is a novelty on the market in the field of material management. All materials can already be read in at goods receiving or directly at the system and married to the intelligent holders. An electronically readable RFID chip in the holder allows all relevant material information to be read out at any time both inside and outside the machine. The user always has an overview of the materials used and the handling effort due to the variety of materials, heights and shapes is reduced significantly.

  • High time savings due to elimination of loading processes and direct access to all materials
  • Transparent material management and process safety through intelligent material holders and pick-by light system
  • Maximum storage capacity for overnight and weekend production

Intelligent Tool Management for an Organized Portfolio

Ceramill Matik finally solves one of the last major problems in dental CAD/CAM manufacturing – the tool management. Never again do milling cutters have to be disposed of almost unused, because the material to which they belong and the current service life are unknown. Never again do tools have to be assigned manually in the software to ensure process safety.

The innovative Tool Management Solution brings intelligence to tool management – patent-pending.

  • Time savings in management due to digitally readable and material-specific color-coded tools
  • Cost savings due to controlled tool wear
  • Automatic tool identification and a tool storage compartment in the milling chamber protected by overpressure ensure maximum process safety

Cleaning is the key to automation

Only a completely thought-out cleaning concept can ensure sustained and efficient production. This is why the Ceramill Matik was designed from scratch to meet this requirement. A durable special coating, lateral irrigation bars, 360° irrigation via the spindle rim and an overpressure chamber to protect the tools help to keep the milling station permanently clean. Supported by two powerful industrial pumps in the Ceramill Cleanstream with a total irrigation capacity of around 40 liters per minute, the milling chamber is irrigated autonomously and thoroughly. An automatic change process between the machining processes ensures significant time savings in handling and maximum production capacity without requiring any intervention.

  • Autonomous production and high time savings through automatic cleaning
  • Maximum production capacity and automatic wet/dry change due to self-cleaning of the milling chamber
  • Convenient waste disposal through waste separation in the chip conveyor

#PrimeTimeMachine – With a full focus on the essentials

Productive working time

Material changes, tool changes, cleaning processes and inventory management dictate the everyday routine of the dental technician.

Productive working time
+ Overnight/Weekend Production

Full focus on the value-creating activities.