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Choosing the right material is becoming increasingly complex due to the constantly increasing number of new materials for a wide variety of indications. This makes clear treatment concepts with coordinated processes and materials as well as comprehensive support in the form of training documents and special courses all the more important. With the new Zolid HT+ Preshade zirconium oxide and the relaunch of the entire AG PMMA portfolio, AG is addressing this trend. In addition to the harmonized shade concept of A-Temp and Zolid DNA, Amann Girrbach also offers all the tools, staining solutions and training courses via the Esthetic Management Workflow that make the fabrication of highly esthetic zirconium oxide restorations easier than ever before.
Color and process safety

Because we create natural esthetics through our own color development with its consistent and coordinated color concept.

Efficiency and economics

Because we match all parameters to technical dental requirements and offer a seamless workflow from A to Z.


Because we only manufacture at our own site with the best raw materials, on state-of-the-art production equipment.

The right solution for everyone

The Zolid DNA zirconium oxide portfolio offers the user countless options for the individual and esthetic fabrication of zirconium oxide restorations. A special feature are the A-Temp in matching shades to zirconium oxide, which provide an unprecedented, well thought-out treatment concept from temporary to final restorations.

A story of success

Zolid HT+ Preshades is the material the market has been waiting for, proven by the 1.3 million units that have already been produced in 2018! Zolid HT+ Preshade is a highly translucent zirconia which combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding esthetics. The pre-shaded blanks in 16 A-D tooth shades are perfectly matched to the VITA classical shade guide and deliver attractive restorations without compromises. Zolid HT+ Preshade offers fast and cost-efficient processing without the need for elaborate pre-staining. Due to the homogeneous shading, the users benefit from reproducible color results and a high level of process safety. In combination with the Ceramill Mindforms Cutback Library by Knut Miller, only a few steps are required to create restorations with individual style and natural appearance.

  • High level esthetics with a natural look due to increased translucency
  • High efficiency and maximum color stability through pre-stained blanks
  • A strength of 1.000 MPa enables a broad spectrum of indiciations
  • Intelligent staining concept with Ceramill Stain&Glaze allows achieving 16 VITA shades with only 7 blanks

Perfect color matching for a smooth and reliable treatment concept from the temporary to the final restoration

Temporaries redefined — coming soon

The new Ceramill A-Temp blanks are the perfect start for a successful treatment concept. Temporary crowns and bridges with a wearing time of up to three years can be fabricated easily with the PMMA-based blanks. However, it is the color match with the Zolid DNA zirconium oxide system that makes the blanks unique. Both the monochrome as well as the multilayer blanks with shade gradient are perfectly matched to zirconium oxide blanks and thus guarantee a consistent treatment concept. In addition, there are new blanks in block form which also allow milling smaller jobs if so required.

  • High-end esthetics thanks to VITA A-D shades perfectly coordinated with Zolid DNA Generation Zirconia
  • PMMA for long-term temporary restorations with a wearing time of up to three years
  • The new block shape as a solution for smaller restorations and lower storage costs

Splints for a long-term relationship — coming soon

The transparent PMMA blanks Ceramill A-Splint used for fabricating therapeutic splints can be easily and reproducibly milled. Available in three heights and as a Class 2a medical device, Ceramill A-Splint is suitable for long-term use of up to 3 years. The industrially prefabricated splint material provides high oral comfort and also impresses due to its neutral taste and odour. The high surface quality reduces discoloration and plaque accumulation to a minimum.

  • The digital fabrication approach ensures process reliability and massive savings in time
  • Acrylic for long-term application with a wearing time of up to three years
  • Industrially manufactured, homogeneous splint material guarantees optimum intraoral comfort thanks to neutral taste and odour

Best option for casting and pressing solutions — coming soon

Ceramill A-Cast is a transparent acrylic for processing using CAD/CAM technology. Ceramill A-Cast is suitable for processing with casting and pressing techniques. Through residue-free combustion, Ceramill A-Cast ensures reproducible and efficient CAD/CAM fabrication of crowns and bridges, which are subsequently cast or pressed in the conventional way.

  • Easy, reproducible CAD/CAM fabrication
  • Contamination-free castings due to burning out without residue
  • Industrially prefabricated material (without bubbles or porosity)

Highly esthetical, highly esteemed

"You can literally feel the quality of the brushes in your hand! An extra plus is the exchangeable tip of the brushes."
Mauro Ahmić, CDT
Dental Inpuls
"You don’t want to miss the Sinter-State Polishing Kit in the lab – your zirconia cases will shine in just a few moments."
Mauro Cuccagna, MDT
Laboratorio Cuccagna
"With the Zolid Polishing Dent Kit I can even get to hard-to-reach areas in the patient's mouth and get the ideal gloss."
Dr. med. dent. Michael Fischer
Praxis Dr. Fischer
"Zolid HT+ with higher translucency in combination with high strength is the excellent material for massive multi-unit bridges."
Atsushi Hasegawa, CDT
Organ Dental Lab
"Built-in aesthetics never seen before in a monolithic zirconia. Zolid FX Multilayer is a game changer!"
Lucas Lammott, CDT
M31 Dental Studio
"The new A-Temp blanks excel through their highly esthetical A-D shades, which perfectly match the Zolid DNA Generation blanks. Additionally the material has a homogeneous material quality and can easily be polished to a high gloss."
David May, MDT
Lindauer Zahntechnik GmbH
"Zolid HT+ is a new generation of high translucent zirconia, that brought me high esthetics in the production of long-span full contour restorations."
Pavel Metelka, DiS
Dens Technika
Czech Republic
"This material offers me a unique combination of strength and esthetics. Zolid FX Multilayer is a strong alternative to lithium disilicate and is the future of zirconia materials."
Dr. Ivan Miletić, DDS
Dental Centar Miletić
"Well balanced Sinter-State Polishing Kit with all the tools you need to achieve excellent results!"
Sandi Trkulja, CDT
Dental Inpuls
"The Zolid DNA portfolio offers me the right material for every indication, simply ingenious!"
Benjamin Votteler, MDT
Dentaltechnik Votteler GmbH & Co. KG
"The New Esthetic Management tools are just amazing. It makes the device set up just perfect to combine the digital workflow with the traditional artistry."
Alexander Wünsche, CDT

Esthetic Management – As esthetics are not happenstance

“AG Esthetic Management” makes the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from zirconia easier than ever. The focus is on simplifying and optimizing all work after milling the restoration. The clearly illustrated instructions for use and numerous video tutorials guide users through the process step by step. In addition, users have a wide range of courses and online webinars at their disposal. Add to this the new products and aids that make daily work with zirconia considerably easier for the user.
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