10 years after the first CAD/CAM system.
A new era is about to begin.




Staying on top, at the top of the food chain. Our panther already symbolized this in 2009, with the introduction of our fully integrated CAD/CAM system. Ceramill CAD/CAM was a triumph right from the beginning and in 2012, with the advent of the Ceramill Motion 2, truly blazed a trail for the “Inhouse Movement”. The laboratories recaptured what had already seemed lost to industrial manufacturing centers, namely the control and value creation in their own laboratories. So why “bring back” the panther when it has already served its purpose? Quite simple – because something really big is just about to happen which has the potential to sustainably improve your daily laboratory routine – in every respect. Something you won’t find anywhere in this form except at Amann Girrbach. #OneOfAKind

Uniquely beautiful
& versatile
Uniquely guided
& connected
Uniquely fast
& sophisticated
3D Print
Uniquely integrated
& relevant
Model Management
Uniquely precise
& flawless
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